RPSC RAS/RTS Prelims 2023 GK & GS Paper Practice Test -1

RPSC RAS/RTS Prelims 2023 GK & GS Paper Practice Test -1: The RPSC RAS 2023 examination will be conducted on October 1, 2023, from 11 am to 2 pm. Candidates will get information about the examination district by logging in to their portal from September 24. Candidates will be able to download their admit card using their application number and date of birth.

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RPSC RAS Prelims Syllabus
History, Culture, Art, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan
Indian History – Ancient, Medieval and Modern
Indian and World Geography
Geography of Rajasthan
Constitution of India, Political System and Governance
Administrative and Political System of Rajasthan
Indian Economy and Basic Economic Concepts
Economy of Rajasthan
Science and Technology
Reasoning and Mental Ability
Current Affairs – Rajasthan
Current Affairs – events of national and international importance

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RPSC RAS/RTS Prelims 2023

GK & GS Paper (Practice Test -1)

1. Which of the following was founded by a community of Brahmin, later joined by Sindhi, Pushkarnas and then Vyasya communities and it is well known for milk cake, mustard oil and red onion?

(A) Shahpura

(B) Deeg

(C) Khairthal

(D) Sanchore

Answer: C

2. The fertile tract of the Rajasthan plains is known as by which of the following name?

[A] Dhaya

[B] Chars

[C] Rohi

[D] Ghaggar

Answer: C [Rohi]

Notes: The fertile tract of the Rajasthan plains (Green patches) is known as Rohi.

3. Consider the following statements and identify the district/tehsil/place?

[i] The temple of Charbhuja Nath is situated in the middle of the city.

[ii] The Biggest and most popular Ramdwara is situated here

[iii] The Place is known for the famous Mahalo Ka Chowk and Phooldol fair.

[iv] Also Known as the jagir (estate) of Surajmal, second son of Maharana Amir Singh I

Which of the following is correct answer?

(A) Chittorgarh

(B) Kumbhalgarh

(C) Shahpura

(D) Udaipur

Answer: C

4. Which committee recommended that there should also be reservation of seats for women in Panchayati Raj Institutions?

[A] Thungon Committee

[B] L M Singhvi Committee

[C] G.V.K. Rao Committee

[D] Gadgil Committee

Answer: A [Thungon Committee]


The P.K. Thungon committee recommended that the reservation of seats in all the three-tiers should be on the basis of population. It also suggested for the reservation of seats for women.

5. Govindgarh, Kishangarh, Laxmangarh and Ramgarh are part of which of the following district?

(A) Alwar

(B) Jaipur

(C) Ajmer

(D) Phalodi

Answer: A

Alwar district has 18 tehsils: Alwar, Bansur, Behror, Govindgarh, Kathumar, Kishangarh Bas, Kotkasim, Laxmangarh, Mundawar, Rajgarh, Ramgarh, Thanagazi, Tijara, Neemrana, Reni, Malakhera, Naugawan, and Tapukara.

A surprise announcement has been made regarding the formation of 3 new districts. Rajasthan CM Gehlot has announced to make Sujangarh, Malpura and Kuchaman new districts. With this, the total number of districts in Rajasthan will increase to 53. Earlier on March 17, the Chief Minister had announced the formation of 19 new districts simultaneously. After this the total number of districts in Rajasthan increased to 50.

Rajasthan Chief Minister announced, Sujangarh of Churu, Malpura of Tonk and Kuchaman City have been announced as new districts. After this announcement by the Chief Minister, the total number of districts in Rajasthan will increase to 53.

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6. “Lakshya” and “Nishant” developed by DRDO are?

(a) Ballistic Missile System

(b) Combat Engineering Equipment

(c) Naval System

(d) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Answer: (D)

Explanation: “Lakshya” is a high speed target drone system developed by DRDO. The drone is controlled by a ground control station. “Nishant” is mainly used for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance, training, surveillance, artillery fire correction, damage assessment, ELINT and SIGINT in enemy territory. Hence, option (d) is correct.

7. Which among the following is a correct statement?

[A] USA – Supremacy of the constitution; Britain – Supremacy of the Parliament

[B] Britain – Supremacy of the constitution; USA – Supremacy of the Parliament

[C] Britain & USA -Supremacy of the constitution

[D] Britain & USA -Supremacy of the Parliament

Answer: A [USA – Supremacy of the constitution; Britain – Supremacy of the Parliament]


India’s constitution combines these two contradictory principles, In India the constitution have tried to keep a balance between the Judiciary and the parliament. While Judiciary (Supreme Court) through its power of judicial review can declare laws passed by the parliament as unconstitutional the Parliament can amend the major portions of the constitution. (Without affecting the basic structure of the constitution

8. Which country has decided to leave the International Space Station by 2024?

(a) Canada

(b) Russia

(c) England

(d) France

Answer: (B)

Explanation: Yuri Borisov, the newly appointed director-general of Roscosmos announced the plan to withdraw from the International Space Station. International Space Station was launched in the year 1998, and it has been continuously occupied since November 2000. Along with Russia and USA the other countries includes Canada, Japan and 11 European countries. Hence, option (b) is correct.

9. Who was referred to as the Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity by Sarojini Naidu?

[A] Shaukat Ali

[B] Maulana Azad

[C] Muhammad Ali Jinnah

[D] Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Answer: C [Muhammad Ali Jinnah]


Jinnah began his political career showing the most ferocious will to forge unity between Hindu and Muslim Indians. At the end of the first ten years of his career from 1906 to 1919, this attitude earned him the nickname ‘the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity’ from Sarojini Naidu. Naidu, who compiled Jinnah’s speeches and writings in 1918 gave the volume the sub-title ‘An Ambassador of Unity’ and wrote that he stood “as an embodied symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity.”

10. Arrange the following former Chief Secretaries of Rajasthan in chronological order according to their tenure.

(a) Rajeev Maharshi – C.K. Mathew – Nihal Chand Goyal – D.B. Gupta

(b) Nihal Chand Goyal – C.K. Mathew – Rajeev Maharshi – D.B. Gupta

(c) Rajiv Maharshi – Nihal Chand Goyal – C.K. Matthew – D.B. Gupta

(d) C.K. Mathew – Rajeev Maharshi – Nihal Chand Goyal – D.B. Gupta

Answer: d

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