Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 29, 2023

Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 29, 2023: Current affairs are a very important part of the Rajasthan State PSC (RPSC) Civil services and other exams. Current affairs have an important role during RPSC preparation. Each year almost 25-30 questions are associated with it in prelims examination.

Every aspirant prepares this section from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, government reports & websites, economic survey, etc. During preparation, the aspirants should not only keep updating themselves in current affairs but also track their performance by attempting daily Rajasthan GK Current Affairs MCQ quiz, which is relevant to the RPSC prelims, Assistant Professor and other exams.

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Q. What was the percentage of voting through EVMs in the state on November 25, 2023?

(a) 74.22 percent

(b) 77.62 percent

(c) 74.62 percent

(d) 70.62 percent

Answer: c

Q. What was the voting percentage for men in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023?

(a) 74.62 percent

(b) 74.53 percent

(c) 74.83 percent

(d) 74.72 percent

Answer: b

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Q. What was the voting percentage in the Pokharan assembly constituency in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018?

(a) 87.79 percent

(b) 86.11 percent

(c) 87.50 percent

(d) 82.08 percent

Answer: c

Q. Which player has won the bronze medal in the men’s category in the 19th Masters National Swimming Championship?

(a) Ravi Ojha

(b) Rajesh Shukla

(c) Rajat Chauhan

(d) Sundar Singh Gurjar

Answer: b

Q. Who has launched the poster of the serial ‘The Great Monk Swami Vivekananda’ being made on Swami Vivekananda in Mumbai?

(a) Ashwini Vaishnav

(b) Kalraj Mishra

(c) Vinoo Gupta

(d) Dr. Madhukar Gupta

Answer: b

  • Country’s first Swami Vivekananda Museum- Khetri
  • Swami Vivekananda’s real name was Narendra Dutt.

Q. The song written by which government teacher of the state is being used to inspire voting?

(a) Babita Verma

(b) Sunita Gulati

(c) Dr. Sheela Asopa

(d) Vinuvanti Sain

Answer: d

Q. In which city, famous in the country and abroad for destination weddings, the first gay marriage took place?

(a) Jaipur

(b) Jodhpur

(c) Udaipur

(d) Sawai Madhopur

Answer: c

Q. Recently Peethadhishwar Gopal Das Maharaj passed away, which sect did he belong to?

(a) Shaiva sect

(b) Jasnathi sect

(c) Dadu sect

(d) Ramsnehi sect

Answer: c

Q. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released a postal stamp and a coin of Rs 525 to commemorate whose 552nd birth anniversary?

(a) Mirabai

(b) Gawri Bai

(c) Mangi Bai

(d) Jilai Bai

Answer: a

Q. How many votes were cast from EVMs in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023?

(a) 39211399 votes

(b) 29311399 votes

(c) 59211399 votes

(d) 49221399 votes

Answer: a

Q. In which weight category did Yamini Kanwar win a silver medal in boxing in the National School Games?

(a) 60-64 kg

(b) 52-56 kg

(c) 64-69 kg

(d) 45-48 kg

Answer: d

Q. Where was the ‘Rajasthan Kisan Mahotsav’ organized to increase agricultural productivity in the state?

(a) Udaipur

(b) Mandsaur

(c) JECC in Sitapura

(d) Kota

Answer: c

Q. Which river is the Siphon being constructed on under the Upper High-Level Canal Project in Banswara district?

(a) Ganga River

(b) Indus River

(c) Anas River

(d) Krishna River

Answer: c

Q. Who won a bronze medal in the shot put event in the 66th National School Games?

(a) Sania Khan

(b) Yukti Harsh

(c) Pranay Chordia

(d) Ritu Kumari

Answer: d

Q. In which city was the 66th National School Games being held?

(a) Udaipur

(b) Jaipur

(c) Jaisalmer

(d) Bhopal

Answer: d

Q. Where has the three-day international water conference been organized with the World Water Commission?

(a) Jaipur

(b) Ajmer

(c) Jodhpur

(d) Udaipur

Answer: d

Q. What fraction of Rajasthan’s total area is covered by Thar Desert?

[A] Around 30%

[B] Around 40%

[C] Around 60%

[D] Around 70%

Answer: C

Q. Kishangarh School of Rajasthan is famous for which of the following?

[A] Painting

[B] Dances

[C] Sculpture

[D] Architecture

Answer: A

Q. Rajasthani and Pahari schools of art forms were famous for which of the following art forms?

[A] Dance

[B] Painting

[C] Music

[D] Sculpture

Answer: B

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