Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 27-28, 2023

Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 27-28, 2023: Current affairs are a very important part of the Rajasthan State PSC (RPSC) Civil services and other exams. Current affairs have an important role during RPSC preparation. Each year almost 25-30 questions are associated with it in prelims examination.

Every aspirant prepares this section from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, government reports & websites, economic survey, etc. During preparation, the aspirants should not only keep updating themselves in current affairs but also track their performance by attempting daily Rajasthan GK Current Affairs MCQ quiz, which is relevant to the RPSC prelims, Assistant Professor and other exams.

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Q. Consider the following statements:

  1. Kalbelia dance is most commonly performed in Rajasthan
  2. It has been included in the Intangible Heritage List by the UNESCO

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

[A] 1 Only

[B] 2 Only

[C] Both 1 & 2

[D] Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: C

Q. What was the maximum increase in voting percentage recorded in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023?

(a) 7.01 percent

(b) 7.65 percent

(c) 4.79 percent

(d) 9.6 percent

Answer: d

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Q. How many gold medals have the players of Rajasthan won in the 66th National School Games so far?

(a) 4 gold medals

(b) 1 gold medal

(c) 2 gold medals

(d) 3 gold medals

Answer: c

Q. How many awards did the Rajasthan Housing Board receive in a grand ceremony held at AP Shinde Symposium?

(a) 4 national level awards

(b) 3 national level awards

(c) 5 national level awards

(d) 2 national level awards

Answer: a

Q. Which organization awarded the projects of Rajasthan Housing Board for Excellence Inbuilt Environment?

(a) National Real Estate Development Council

(b) Ministry of Urban Development

(c) World Book of Records

(d) Indian Buildings Congress (IBC)

Answer: d

Q. With which organization did Haridev Joshi University of Journalism & Mass Communication (HJU) sign MoU to enhance the understanding of issues related to health, gender and social concerns among students studying various fields of media?

(a) United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

(b) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

(c) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(d) World Health Organization (WHO)

Answer: b

Q. For what purpose was the Road Safety Task Force formed at the district level?

(a) To enforce traffic rules

(b) To curb road accidents

(c) To improve road infrastructure

(d) To control traffic congestion

Answer: b

Q. What percentage of final voting of Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023 has been released by the Election Commission?

(a) 70.75 percent

(b) 73.82 percent

(c) 75.45 percent

(d) 60.45 percent

Answer: c

  • The total voting in Rajasthan was 75.45 percent. Male (74.53%), Female (74.72%)
  • Increase relative to 2018 – 0.73%
  • The highest voter turnout was 88.13% in Kushalgarh Assembly.
  • Minimum turnout was 61.24% in Ahor assembly constituency.

Q. National Green Tribunal has banned gravel mining for 20 years on which dam without obtaining environmental clearance?

(a) Jawai Dam

(b) Bisalpur Dam

(c) Meja Dam

(d) Rana Pratap Sagar Dam

Answer: b

  • Bisalpur is the largest drinking water project of Rajasthan.
  • Bisalpur Dam is a dam made of concrete.
  • In Rajasthan, maximum production of gravel is done from Banas flow area.
  • Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is the largest dam of Rajasthan in terms of water storage.

Q. In which district has the smallest polling booth been made by the Election Commission in Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023?

(a) Kota

(b) Pali

(c) Jaisalmer

(d) Barmer

Answer: d

  • Highest polling booth in Rajasthan- Shergaon Abu Road, Sirohi
  • Smallest bowling booth in Par, Barmer.
  • There are 35 voters here, out of which 18 are male and 17 are female.

Q. In the biggest celebration of voting in the history of radio, which FM radio channel has registered the name of Votethon in the Golden Book of World Records?

(a) FM 94.3

(b) FM 101.10

(c) FM 92.7

(d) None

Answer: a

Q. When was the voting process for Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023 completed?

(a) 1st December

(b) 10th December

(c) 15th November

(d) 25th November

Answer: d

Q. When will the counting of votes for Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023 take place?

(a) December 3, 2023

(b) November 25, 2023

(c) December 1, 2023

(d) November 26, 2023

Answer: a

Q. What was the increase in voting percentage in the Assembly elections held in Rajasthan in 2023 compared to the Assembly elections in 2018?

(a) 1.73 percent

(b) 0.73 percent

(c) 0.83 percent

(d) 0.63 percent

Answer: b

Q. How much voting through postal ballot is included in the total voting for the Assembly Elections 2023?

(a) 0.83 percent

(b) 0.53 percent

(c) 1.13 percent

(d) 1.83 percent

Answer: a

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