[Test 8] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

[Test 8] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan.

RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series For General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3: RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series For General Studies of Rajasthan Paper III.

RPSC has announced the date of exam for Rajasthan Assistant Professor 2023. The exam date for RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 is 7th January 2024. The date 7th January 2024 is for General Studies of Rajasthan Paper-III.

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RPSC Assistant Professor Recruitment 2023: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has released the latest notification for the recruitment of 1913 Assistant Professors in the College Education Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

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[Test 8] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

1. In which institute the country’s largest Panchakarma medical center has been established?

(a) IIT, Jodhpur

(b) AIIMS, Jodhpur

(c) Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Ayurveda University, Jodhpur

(d) Dr. S. N. Medical College, Jodhpur

Answer: C

The country’s largest Panchakarma medical center has been established at Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Ayurveda University, Jodhpur. Along with Panchakarma, arrangements for yoga and meditation will also be made in this center. The state government has given a budget of 50 crores for this center. Panchakarma will mainly cure many diseases including insomnia, dry eyes, joint and knee pain, skin diseases and paralysis.

2. How many total dams will be connected to each other under the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project?

(a) 53

(b) 79

(c) 13

(d) 26

Answer: B

A total of 79 dams will be connected to each other under the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project. So that water can be transported from one dam to another. This included the first 26 dams, and a few days ago 53 more dams were added.

3. Where has the one-day ‘Sakhi Sammelan’ been organized by the Rural Development Department?

(a) Sitapura, Jaipur

(b) Bagore Haveli, Udaipur

(c) Boranada, Jodhpur

(d) Ghughra Valley, Ajmer

Answer: A

A one day ‘Sakhi Sammelan’ of National Rural Livelihoods Development Council (Rajeevika) was organized by the Department of Rural Development at JECC, Sitapura, Jaipur.

4. In which zoological park has the Asiatic lion GS died recently?

(a) Machiya Safari Park, Jodhpur

(b) Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur

(c) Nahargarh Biological Park, Jaipur

(d) Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur

Answer: C

5. According to the report of SBI Research, what is the per capita income of Rajasthan in the year 2022-23?

(a) Rs 2, 42,246

(b) Rs.1, 66,000

(c) Rs.2, 96,685

(d) Rs.1, 56,149

Answer: D

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6. From which district has the ‘Construction Campaign’ been started to make smart Anganwadi centers in Rajasthan?

(a) Bikaner

(b) Udaipur

(c) Jodhpur

(d) Ajmer

Answer: A

‘Construction campaign’ has been started to make smart TV available in 1502 Anganwadi centers of Bikaner district.

7. Recently who has been appointed as the chairman of the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board by the state government?

(a) Hariprasad Sharma

(b) Major General Alok Raj

(c) Sanjay Kumar Shrotiya

(d) K. l. Srivastava

Answer: B

Major General Alok Raj has been appointed as the chairman of the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board. The tenure of General Alok Raj will be of three years. The post had fallen vacant after the resignation of board chairman Hariprasad Sharma last month. The tenure of former Speaker Hariprasad Sharma was about to end on October 7.

8. In which district of the state ‘Teej festival’ will be celebrated on August 19, 2023?

(a) Ajmer

(b) Bikaner

(c) Jaipur

(d) Jodhpur

Answer: C

Chhoti Teej / Shravani Teej / Hariyali Teej: – Tritiya of Shukla Paksha is celebrated in Shravan. Teej Mata’s ride is taken out in Jaipur on the day of Chhoti Teej.

Kajali Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej / Budhi Teej: Celebrated on Tritiya of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada. Kajali Teej fair is organized in Bundi.

9. The correct statements regarding the approval of the Chief Minister’s Budget 2023-24 announcements are?

(a) Biological parks will be built in Bikaner and Ajmer.

(b) State’s second Scout residential school will be opened in Laxmangarh Sikar.

(c) Jaipur zoo will be developed as a bird sanctuary.

(d) Bikaner Zoo will be developed as Bird Sanctuary and Rescue Center.

(e) All of the above

Answer: E

[Test 7] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

10. Where will the meeting of the Trade and Investment Working Group of G-20 countries be organized on 2023?

(a) Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

(b) Sajjan Garh Palace, Udaipur

(c) Mount Abu, Sirohi

(d) Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Answer: D

The fourth meeting of the G-20 Trade and Investment Working Group (TIWG) on August 21 and 22 and the Trade and Investment Ministerial (TIMM) meeting on August 24 and 25 were held at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur in the run-up to the G-20 summit. Will go

11. According to the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023, out of 56 airports in the country in the category of non-metro airport, which airport of the state has been ranked second?

(a) Jaipur International Airport

(b) Dabok Airport

(c) Maharana Pratap Airport

(d) Kishangarh Airport

Answer: C

Udaipur Airport also known as Maharana Pratap Airport or Dabok Airport,

Customer satisfaction survey is conducted twice a year keeping in view the service quality parameters set by the Airports Authority of India. In this survey from January to June 2023, Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur has secured the second position. Maharana Pratap Airport has got 4.97 points.

12. Where will the Cyber Crime Investigation Center be set up in the state to prevent online fraud and to investigate cyber-crimes?

(a) Jodhpur

(b) Kota

(c) Jaipur

(d) Bikaner

Answer: C

Cyber-crime investigation center will be set up at Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur to prevent online fraud in the state and to investigate cyber-crimes.

13. Recently, in which district the state government has announced to set up Biological Park?

(a) Ajmer

(b) Bikaner

(c) Jaipur

(d) a and b

Answer: D

Biological parks will be established in Bikaner and Ajmer districts of the state. A financial proposal of Rs 20 crore has been approved for these works.

14. On August 15, 2023, which state has made the world record for the reading of the Preamble and Fundamental Duties of the Constitution?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Gujarat

(c) New Delhi

(d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: A

For this, a provisional certificate has also been given to the School Education Department of Rajasthan by the India edition of the World Book of Records.

15. When was the ‘Chief Minister Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme’ launched by the state government?

(a) July 26, 2023

(b) August 15, 2023

(c) July 30, 2023

(d) August 14, 2023

Answer: B

On August 15, 2023, the ‘Chief Minister Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme’ was launched by the state government from Birla Auditorium in Jaipur.

16. Under the ‘Mission-2030’, the state government has set a target of increasing the state’s economy by how many times?

(A) 1.5 times

(B) 2 times

(C) 3 times

(D) 2.5 times

Answer: D

In the year 2018-19, the state’s economy was around Rs 9 lakh 11 thousand crore, which has now increased to close to Rs 14.14 lakh crore. By the year 2030, there is a target to increase it by about two and a half times to Rs 35.71 lakh crore.

17. Which police officer has been announced to be awarded the Union Home Minister’s Medal by the Union Home Ministry for doing excellent research in murder cases?

(a) Umesh Mishra

(b) Amit Sihag

(c) Gaurav Yadav

(d) b and c

Answer: d

Union Home Ministry has announced to honor IPS officer and Deputy Commissioner of Police Paschim Gaurav Yadav and Police Inspector Amit Singh Sihag with Union Home Minister’s Medal for doing excellent research in murder cases.

18. Which board has started the Mahavriksha competition for the conservation of local trees in Rajasthan?

(a) Vishwakarma Welfare Board

(b) Biodiversity Board

(c) Thar Area Development Board

(d) Jain Shramana Culture Board

Answer: B

19. Where is Budh Gaparnath, a place recently in news is located at?

(a) Kota

(b) Pali

(c) Rajsamand

(d) Bikaner

Answer: A

20. Where will the Veer Tejaji Cattle Fair be organized?

(a) Tilwara

(b) Kharnal

(c) Dadreva

(d) Parbatsar

Answer: D

Veer Tejaji Cattle Fair will be organized on August 30, 2023 at Parbatsar in Nagaur district.

RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Test Series for GK Paper 3

21. With whom did the Kerala Forest Research Institute sign MoU to assess the genetic diversity of sandalwood?

(a) Aafri, Jodhpur

(b) IIT, Jodhpur

(c) Kajri, Jodhpur

(d) Central Institute of Arid Horticulture, Bikaner

Answer: A

22. DGP Umesh Mishra has ordered to make 10 ranges in Rajasthan Police, what is the number of police districts in Rajasthan now?

(a) 50

(b) 75

(c) 33

(d) 56

Answer: D

23. The collegium headed by Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud has recommended the transfer of which judge to the Rajasthan High Court?

(a) Justice Sameer J. Dave

(b) Justice Arun Monga

(c) Justice Mannuri Laxman

(d) all of the above

Answer: D

24. Which player has been sold the most expensive in ‘Rajasthan Premier League-2023’ starting on the lines of IPL?

(a) Sonu Yadav

(b) Deepak Hooda

(c) Mahipal Lomror

(d) Aniket Choudhary

Answer: B

In ‘Rajasthan Premier League-2023’, the most expensive player Deepak Hooda has been bought by Jaipur Indians for 15.50 lakhs. Rajasthan Premier League starting on the lines of IPL will start from Barkatullah Stadium in Jodhpur.

25. In which district of the state, for the first time, punishment under section 63 of the Copyright Act has been given by the court for playing music without license?

(a) Tonk

(b) Pali

(c) Dausa

(d) Jaipur

Answer: C

According to the Copyright Act, any song cannot be used commercially without a license. For offense under section 63 of the Copyright Act, the punishment provided is imprisonment for a specified term. This term shall not be less than six months but which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine.

26. Which teachers of the state will attend the 77th Independence Day celebrations to be held at Red Fort in New Delhi as special guests?

(a) Pankaj Soral

(b) Suman Soral

(c) Durgaram Moowal

(d) a and b

Answer: D

27. In which district is the Folk Art Museum located in Rajasthan?

(a) Pali

(b) Bhilwara

(c) Udaipur

(d) Bikaner

Answer: C

28. Who started the weekly newspaper ‘Lok Sevak’?

[A] Pt. Abhinav Hari

[B] Pt. Newnaram

[C] Mathuradas Mathur

[D] Swami Kumaranand

Answer: A [Pt. Integral Hari]


The ‘Lok Sevak’ weekly newspaper was started by Pt. Abhinav Hari. This newspaper was started on March 21, 1942.

29. In which princely state were the ‘Jharshahi’ silver coins prevalent?

[A] Jodhpur

[B] Jhalawar

[C] Jaipur

[D] Bikaner

Answer: C [Jaipur]


Jharshahi’ silver coins were prevalent in the princely state of Jaipur. The ‘Jharshahi’ silver coins were minted by the Kachwaha dynasty. On the coins of Jaipur, the branch of Kachnar was inscribed on the reverse side of the coin in the form of a tree. The bed of Kachnar was the holy symbol of Lord Shri Ram. There is also a variant of Jharshahi dialect.

30. Who composed the books Chandrodaya, Raga Manjari, Nartan Nirnaya etc.?

[A] Maniram Raga

[B] Bhav Bhatt

[C] Raimurari Das

[D] Pundarik Vithal

Answer: D [Pundarik Vithal]


Books like Chandrodaya, Raga Manjari, Nartan Nirnay etc. were composed by Pundarik Vittal.

31. Who is the author of the book ‘Central and Western Rajput States of India’?

[A] George Thomas

[B] L. p. Taksitori

[C] Colonel James Tod

[D] Sir Thomas S

Answer: C [Col James Todd]


Colonel James Tod is called Pitamaha of the history of Rajasthan. ‘Central and Western Rajput States of India’ was released in 1829.

32. When did Lord Mayo, the then Governor General and Viceroy of India, hold the court of all the kings and maharajas of Rajputana?

[A] October 22, 1850

[B] October 22, 1860

[C] October 22, 1870

[D] October 22, 1880

Answer: C [22 October, 1870]


The then Governor General and Viceroy of India, Lord Mayo, organized the Durbar of all the Rajas and Maharajas of Rajputana on October 22, 1870. This court was established in Ajmer.

33. Who founded the ‘Shanti Seva Kutir’ of Banswara?

[A] Manishankar Nagar

[B] Bhupendranath Trivedi

[C] Dhulji Bhai Bhavsar

[D] Chimanlal Malot

Answer: D [Chimanlal Malot]


‘Shanti Seva Kutir’ of Banswara was founded by Mr. Chimanlal Malot. Chimanlal Malot established ‘Shanti Seva Kutir’ in 1930 for the purpose of political propaganda among the tribals.

34. In which district of Rajasthan is the ‘Irrigation Management and Training Institute’ located?

[A] Jaisalmer

[B] Jaipur

[C] Quota

[D] Ajmer

Answer: C [Kota]


Irrigation Management and Training Institute is located in Kota district of Rajasthan.

35. In which area the copper mine in Rajasthan?

A. Jaisalmer

B. Jodhpur

C. Makrana

D. Kota

Answer: Makrana

36. Which areas were included in the seventh phase of integration of Rajasthan?

A. Jaipur

B. Ajmer and Abu

C. Fishery Union

D. Sirohi

Answer: Ajmer and Abu

37. Which sanctuary has been given in-principle approval by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to make it a Tiger Reserve?

(a) Van Vihar Sanctuary, Dholpur

(b) Kailadevi Sanctuary

(c) Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

(d) Shergarh Sanctuary, Baran

Answer: C

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has given in-principle consent on the ‘Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve’. Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve will be built in 2766 square km. 800 Sq. There will be km core area, in which there will be forest of Kumbhalgarh, Aravali, Tadgarh area.

➤ National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) was established in December 2005.

38. In which district was the 38th State Level Sub-Junior Boxing Competition organized?

(a) Karauli

(b) Jaipur

(c) Bikaner

(d) Udaipur

Answer: A

39. Recently, the book Rajasthan Stamp and Registration Laws were released, who is the author of it?

(a) Prof. Trivedi

(b) NM Srivastava

(c) Panna Lal Meghwal

(d) Bhagwat Singh Rathore

Answer: D

All the circulars and information of the High Court and the Supreme Court will be found in the book Rajasthan Stamp and Registration Laws.

40. Recently which campaign has been started in the state to curb molestation incidents?

(a) Operation Garima

(b) Operation Alert

(c) Operation Cauvery

(d) None of the above

Answer: A

Operation Garima started in the entire state from August 10 to August 18 on the instructions of the police headquarters to stop the incidents of molestation with women and girls by miscreants.

41. In which university sports complex, approval has been granted by the Chief Minister for making a ‘Synthetic Track’?

(a) Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur

(b) University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

(c) Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner

(d) Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

Answer: B

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has approved a financial proposal of Rs 6 crore for making a synthetic track in the Sports Complex of Rajasthan University. This will encourage sports activities in the university and players will get a better environment for training and practice.

42. How much budget amount has been announced by the state government to abolish ‘fuel surcharge’?

(a) Rs 1500 crore

(b) Rs 3000 crore

(c) Rs 2000 crore

(d) Rs 2500 crore

Answer: D

The state government will give Rs 2,500 crore to the power distribution companies (Discoms). Now whether it is agriculture or domestic consumer, there will be no fuel surcharge. The Chief Minister made this announcement at the launch of ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana’ at Birla Auditorium here.

43. By whom was the Folk Artist Promotion Scheme launched by the Department of Art and Culture through Jawahar Kala Kendra?

(a) Ashok Gehlot

(b) Kalraj Mishra

(c) Ashok Chandna

(d) Dr. B.D. Kalla

Answer: A

On August 11, 2023, the Folk Art and Social Security Festival was organized by the Department of Art and Culture at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK). In this festival, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot started the Lok Kalakar Prothsahan Yojana.

44. To develop Mangarh Dham as a national monument, development works worth how many crores have been announced?

(a) Rs 50 crore

(b) Rs 80 crore

(c) Rs 100 crore

(d) Rs 90 crore

Answer: C

Mangarh Dham massacre – On November 17, 1913, British forces opened fire on tribals gathering in protest at Mangarh Dham (Banswara), which was led by a leader of the Govind Guru community, killing over 1,500 people.

45. In which district of the state Thandi Beri Dam is located?

(a) Kota

(b) Pali

(c) Bharatpur

(d) Chittorgarh

Answer: C

Thandi Beri Dam is located in the Pali district of the state. Thandi Beri Dam was constructed in 1978. Thandi Beri dam built at Thandi Beri site keeps water flowing for 24 hours. The specialty of this dam is that it never dries up. Even in the worst famine of this century, the streams continued to flow in the form of waterfalls from the dam.

46. Where will the country’s first ‘Institute of Dermatology’ be established?

(a) Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur

(b) AIIMS, Jodhpur

(c) IIT, Jodhpur

(d) Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College, Jodhpur

Answer: A

Institute of Dermatology to be set up in Charak Bhawan of Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur

This will be the first institute of its kind in the country and Rs 2.81 crore has been sanctioned for it. Sexual weekness, laser treatment, cosmetic procedures can be used to treat various skin and latent diseases at the Institute of Dermatology.

State’s First Plasma Bank- SMS, Jaipur

NOTE: At present only London has Institute of Dermatology

47. Under the Rajasthan Forest Policy-2023, what percentage of the area in the state is mandatory to have forests?

(a) 25 percent

(b) 35 percent

(c) 17 percent

(d) 20 percent

Answer: D

Rajasthan Forest Policy-2023 aims to increase the vegetation cover in the state to 20 percent of the geographical area of the state in the next two decades with special focus on increasing the vegetation cover outside the forest areas.

➤ State’s first forest policy – February 8, 2010

48. The Chief Minister has announced to give smartphones to how many women in the first phase under ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana’?

(a) 20 lakhs

(b) 40 lakhs

(c) 50 lakhs

(d) 35 lakh

Answer: B

Under the ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana’, in the first phase, it has been announced to give free smartphones to 40 lakh women. Under the Indira Gandhi Free Smart Phone Scheme, free smartphones are to be distributed to about 1.35 crore women of the state.

Beginning of first phase – August 10, 2023 Birla Auditorium (Auditorium), Jaipur

In the first phase such Chiranjeevi families will be given smartphones. Whose daughters are studying in 10th or 12th class of government school.

49. Which campaign will be launched by the School Education Department to develop the understanding of ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ among the students of government schools?

(a) Health Campaign

(b) Safe School Safe Rajasthan

(c) Break the Silence Speak Openly

(d) My School My Pride

Answer: B

In Rajasthan, the Department of School Education will launch a large-scale ‘Safe School-Safe Rajasthan’ campaign to develop the understanding of ‘Good Touch-Bad Touch’ among the students of state government schools.

50. Which of the following statements are true about the ‘State Level Weaver Awards’ for the year 2023-24?

(a) The first prize was given to Basanti Devi of Nagaur for 21 thousand rupees for the manufacture of durries.

(b) Second prize Kota’s Shabnam was given Rs 11,000 for Kota Doria saree.

(c) The third prize was given to Premchand of Jaisalmer for UnniPatt of Rs.7100.

(d) all of the above

Answer: D

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