[Test 7] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

[Test 7] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan.

RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series For General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3: RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series For General Studies of Rajasthan Paper III.

RPSC has announced the date of exam for Rajasthan Assistant Professor 2023. The exam date for RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 is 7th January 2024. The date 7th January 2024 is for General Studies of Rajasthan Paper-III.

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RPSC Assistant Professor Recruitment 2023: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has released the latest notification for the recruitment of 1913 Assistant Professors in the College Education Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

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[Test 7] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

1. Who among the following established Mewar Kingdom in Rajasthan?

[A] Nagaditya

[B] Shiladitya

[C] Bappa Rawal

[D] Mahdenra II

2. Which one of the following matches is incorrect?

Institute/Department                             (Place)

A. Archaeology and Museum Department- Jaipur

B. Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute- Jodhpur (RORI)

C. Rajasthan State Archives Department- Bikaner

D. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Arabic Persian Research Institute- Kota

3. Where will the country’s first ‘Institute of Dermatology’ be established?

(a) Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur

(b) AIIMS, Jodhpur

(c) IIT, Jodhpur

(d) Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College, Jodhpur

4. Presently how many divisions are there in Rajasthan?

(A) 7

(B) 5

(C) 10

(D) 9

5. Alauddin attacked Ranthambore after Hammir Dev; the ruler of Ranthambore gave shelter to which Mongol leader?

(a) Mohammad Khan

(b) Taimur Khan

(c) Muhammad Shah

(d) Both a & b

[Test 6] RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Online Test Series for GK Paper 3 | General Studies of Rajasthan

6. Where has the ‘Civil-20 Summit’ been inaugurated by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh?

(a) Kota

(b) Alwar

(c) Bhilwara

(d) Jaipur

7. Under which scheme incentive amount is provided for inter-caste marriage?

[A] Swami Vivekananda Scheme

[B] Dr. Savita Ambedkar Scheme

[C] Women Empowerment Scheme

[D] Daughter Marriage Scheme

8. Which is not correct match?

 District        Mascot

[A] Barmer – Desert fox

[B] Bhilwara – Peacock,

[C] Churu – Blackbuck

[D] Jaisalmer –Chital

9. Which product of Rajasthan has been given Geographical Indication (GI Tag) recently?

(a) Udaipur Koftgari Metal Craft

(b) Embroidery craft and Usta Kala craft of Bikaner

(c) Jodhpur Bandhej craft

(d) all of the above

10. Between whom did the Battle of Gingoli take place?

(a) Jaipur and Bikaner

(b) Mewar and Jodhpur

(c) Jaipur and Jodhpur

(d) Jaipur and Mewar

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11. Which of the following bills has been passed in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly recently?

(a) Rajasthan Electricity (Tariff) Bill-2023

(b) Mahatma Gandhi Divyang University, Jodhpur Bill-2023

(c) Rajasthan State Farmers Debt Relief Commission Bill-2023

(d) Nathdwara Temple (Amendment) Bill-2023

(e) All of the above

12. Who has recently started the ‘Read the Constitution and Live’ campaign?

(a) Mamta Bhupesh

(b) Kalraj Mishra

(c) Ashok Gehlot

(d) Dr. B. D. Kalla

13. Which city of Rajasthan is famous by the nickname of yellow stones?

[A] Jaisalmer

[B] Jalore

[C] Jodhpur

[D] Bharatpur

14. Which one of the following is incorrect?

[A] Eastern Point – Silana

[B] Western point – Katra

[C] Northern point – Kona

[D] Southern point – Sajanpur

15. In which district of Rajasthan the Lathi series area is located?

[A] Barmer

[B] Jodhpur

[C] Bikaner

[D] Jaisalmer

16. Who has won the title of Miss Rajasthan-2023?

(a) Tarushi Rai

(b) Payal Khatri

(c) Vaishnavi Sharma

(d) Akanksha Choudhary

17. Moti Mahal and Amar hall Heritage has been announced by the state government for restoration, belongs to which district?

(a) Sikar

(b) Jaipur

(c) Jhunjhunu

(d) Alwar

18. Under the Rajasthan Forest Policy-2023, what percentage of the area in the state is mandatory to have forest?

(a) 25 percent

(b) 35 percent

(c) 17 percent

(d) 20 percent

19. National Mustard Research Center is located in which district of Rajasthan?

[A] Alwar

[B] Jaipur

[C] Udaipur

[D] Bharatpur

20. The revolutionary, who was convicted in the Mahant Pyarelal Murder case?

(a) Zorawar Singh

(b) Shyamji Krishna Varma

(c) Kesari Singh Barhath

(d) Vijay Singh Pathik

RPSC Assistant Professor 2023 Test Series for GK Paper 3

21. The Chief Minister has announced to give smartphones to how many women in the first phase under ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana’?

(a) 20 lakhs

(b) 40 lakhs

(c) 50 lakhs

(d) 35 lakh

22. Soils of Western Rajasthan have a high content of which of the following minerals?

[A] Aluminium

[B] Calcium

[C] Nitrogen

[D] Phosphorus

23. Keoladeo national park was placed on the Montreux Record in which of the following year?

[A] 1990

[B] 1991

[C] 1992

[D] 1993

24. The temple city of Osian in Rajasthan was established by which of the following Rajputs?

[A] Gurjar Pratiharas

[B] Chauhans

[C] Solanki

[D] Sisodias

25. Which district of Rajasthan has the lowest sex ratio?

[A] Jaipur

[B] Jodhpur

[C] Dholpur

[D] Bharatpur

26. Chaumukha Jain Temple is situated in which district of Rajasthan?

[A] Jaipur

[B] Jodhpur

[C] Pali

[D] Dholpur

27. Which of the following places was known as ‘Tamravati’ in ancient times?

[A] Khetri

[B] Ahar

[C] Dariba

[D] Ganeshwar

28. In which districts of Rajasthan ‘Gurumitra Yojana’ has been implemented?

[A] Bhilwara, Sirohi, Udaipur

[B] Rajsamand, Banswara, Chittorgarh

[C] Bundi, Tonk

[D] All of the above

29. Which folk goddess’s temple is called Khajuraho of Mewar?

[A] Jagdish Temple

[B] Temple of Eklingji

[C] Rishabhdev Temple

[D] Ambika Temple

30. Which ruler built the Jaswant Thada monument in 1899 AD?

[A] Maharaja Vinay Singh

[B] Maharaja Ram Singh

[C] Maharaja Sardar Singh

[D] Maharaja Hanuwant Singh

31. Who is related to Ghotaru and Manihari?

(A) Emerald

(B) Natural gas

(C) Tamda

(D) Copper

32. Who was the ruler when Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti come to Rajasthan?

[A] Rana Sanga

[B] Rana Kumbha

[C] Prithviraj Chauhan

[D] Rana Hammir

33.’Surdas’,’Dokri’ and ‘Shankariya’ belong to which professional folk dance?

[A] Raw mare

[B] Terahtali

[C] Neza

[D] Bhawai

34. Where was the first private sector agricultural market of the Rajasthan established?

[A] Kotputli (Jaipur)

[B] Shrikaranpur (Sriganganagar)

[C] Kaithoon (Kota)

[D] Deshnok (Bikaner)

35. Who has been made the latest 11th Municipal Corporation of the state under Section 370 of the Rajasthan Municipalities Act 2009?

(a) Jodhpur Municipal Corporation

(b) Alwar Municipal Corporation

(c) Pali Municipal Corporation

(d) Pushkar Municipal Corporation

36. After the Nahargarh Lion Safari in Jaipur, which district has been approved by the Central Zoo Authority for the second Lion Safari in the state?

(a) Udaipur

(b) Alwar

(c) Sawai Madhopur

(d) Jaipur

37. Where will the National Convention of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association be held for the first time in Rajasthan?

(a) Delhi

(b) Jaipur

(c) Ajmer

(d) Udaipur

38. The Jawahar Sagar Dam is built across which river in Rajasthan?

[A] Tapti river

[B] Chambal river

[C] Narmada river

[D] Son river

39. How much cash prizes have been announced by the State Government from the year 2024 to the litterateurs in different categories?

(a)Rs 9 lakh

(b) Rs 11 lakh

(c) Rs 5 lakh

(d) Rs 7 lakh

40. In which region of the state, the process of e-auction has been started for composite license of potash block?

(a) Balotra, Barmer

(b) Khidarpur, Karauli

(c) Gharsisar, Churu

(d) Option (b) and (c)

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