Vice Presidents of India Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

The vice president of India is the deputy to the head of state of the Republic of India, i.e. the president of India. The office of vice president is the second-highest constitutional office after the president and ranks second in the order of precedence and first in the line of succession to the presidency. The vice president is also the ex officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

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Jagdeep Dhankhar of the Bharatiya Janata Party is the current vice president. He became vice president after defeating Indian National Congress candidate Margaret Alva in the 2022 Indian vice presidential election.

Article 66 of the Constitution of India states the manner of election of the vice president. The vice president is elected indirectly by members of an electoral college consisting of the members of both Houses of Parliament and not the members of state legislative assembly by the system of proportional representation using single transferable votes and the voting is conducted by Election Commission of India via secret ballot. The vice president also acts as the chancellor of the Panjab University and Delhi University.

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Vice Presidents of India Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1. Who is the current Vice President of India in 2024?

(a) Jagdeep Dhankhar

(b) M. Venkaiah Naidu

(c) Dharmendra Pradhan

(d) Narendra Modi

Answer: a

2. Which of the following statements is/are correct about the Vice-President of India?

1. When the office of the President is vacant by reason of his death, resignation or removal, the Vice-President discharges his functions as officiating President.

2. When the President is unable to discharge his functions due to absence or illness, the Vice-President becomes the acting President.


(a) Only 1

(b) Only 2

(c) Both 1 and 2

(d) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: c

3. What is the term of office of the Vice President?

(a) 4 years

(b) 5 years

(c) 6 years

(d) 7 years

Answer: b

4. How is the Vice President elected?

(a) By direct election by the people

(b) By an electoral college of Parliament

(c) By the President

(d) By the Prime Minister

Answer: b

5. Who was the first Vice President of India?

(a) Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

(b) Zakir Husain Khan

(c) V. V. Giri

(d) B. D. Jatti

Answer: a

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6. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the Vice-President of India?

(a) The Vice-President is elected by the members of both the houses of Parliament.

(b) All doubts and disputes related to the election of a Vice-President shall be decided by the Supreme Court.

(c) He presides over the meetings of Rajya Sabha and conducts all its proceedings except when the resolution for his removal is under consideration.

(d) He can be removed from his office by a resolution of Rajya Sabha on the ground of violation of the Constitution.

Answer: d

7. Which of the following is NOT a qualification to become the Vice President?

(a) Must be a citizen of India

(b) Must be at least 35 years old

(c) Must be a Member of Parliament

(d) Must be eligible to be elected to the Lok Sabha

Answer: c

8. Who among the following Vice-Presidents have worked as the Acting President of India?

1. Zakir Hussain

2. V V Giri

3. B D Jatti

4. G S Pathak


(a) 2 and 3

(b) 2 and 4

(c) 3 and 4

(d) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: a

9. Who amongst the following elects the Vice-President of India?

1. Members of Lok Sabha

2. Members of Rajya Sabha

3. Members of Legislative Assemblies

4. Members of Legislative Councils


(a) 1 and 2

(b) 1 and 3

(c) 1, 2 and 3

(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer: a

10. How many times can a person be elected as Vice President?

(a) No limit

(b) Once

(c) Twice

(d) Thrice

Answer: a

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