Medieval History of Haryana

Medieval History of Haryana: The beginning of medieval period of Haryana is considered with the invasion of Muslims in India. Haryana being in the Northern part of India was more affected by these invasions.

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Medieval History of Haryana

Mahmud of Ghazni was prominent among the Muslim invaders, who used the territory of Haryana to pass during his invasion. Therefore, the beginning of medieval history of Haryana can be seen from his invasion in Haryana.

Turk Invasion and Haryana

  • Invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni and Tomar Ruler Jaipala
  • Invasion of Masud and Mawdud

Rise of Chauhans in Haryana

When the Tomar Dynasty in Haryana region was on decline, Shakambhari Chauhans from Rajasthan started coming towards Haryana and Delhi. Some historians consider them as Agnikul Rajput.

Around 1139 AD, the Chauhan ruler of Ajmer, Arnoraj, with the title of Maharajadhiraj Parameshwara Shri, proceeded to Haryana with his army. Arnoraj did not completely abolish the kingdom of Tomar, but established suzerainty over it and converted it into Karad State.

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Chauhan ruler, Vigraharaj-IV defeated the Tomar rulers and took possession of the fort of Delhi and Hansi. Thus, the real ruler of this region became Chauhan, but Vigraharaj-IV had given feudal rights to the Tomaras.

Rise of Bhadanakas and Haryana

Invasion of Muhammad Ghori and Haryana

  • First Battle of Tarain
  • Second Battle of Tarain

Haryana in Sultanate Period

During the Sultanate period many dynasties ruled over Haryana. Some of these are:

1. The Slave Dynasty

2. Khilji Dynasty

3. Tughlaq Dynasty

4. Sayyid Dynasty

5. Lodi Dynasty

Mughal Empire and Haryana

  • Babur and First Battle of Panipat
  • Second Battle of Panipat

Later Mughal Period and Haryana

After the death of Aurangzeb on 3rd March, 1707 AD, many revolts arose in various regions of Haryana.  Taking advantage of this, Banda Bairagi rebelled against the Mughals in 1709-10 AD. During the rebellion, he made Sihrikhanda village near Sonipat as his headquarters. Banda Bairagi renounced himself and took the path of war at the behest of Guru Gobind Singh.

Invasion of Nader Shah (Battle of Karnal)

The Emergence of Maratha and Sikh Powers

  • Third Battle of Panipat

George Thomas and Haryana State

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