General Studies of Haryana MCQs | Haryana GK Objective Question Bank for HPSC Exams

General Studies of Haryana MCQs | Haryana GK Objective Question Bank for HPSC Exams 2023-2024. General Studies of Haryana Practice MCQs | Haryana General Knowledge Question Bank for HPSC and other exams.

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Most important Haryana GK Multiple Choice Questions covered from the following mentioned topics:

History of Haryana

Art, Culture, Literature and Heritage of Haryana

Geography of Haryana

Political and Administrative System of Haryana

Economy of Haryana

Current Affairs of Haryana, India & World (Major Contemporary Events and Issues of Haryana, India & World)

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General Studies of Haryana MCQs

1. Which committee has been constituted by the Haryana Government to resolve the problem of those agitating for reservation and other issues of the state?

[A] D S Dhesi committee
[B] P K Lahoti committee
[C] H S Juneja committee
[D] M P Kaur committee

2. The first-ever Haryana Sahitya Sangam has started in which city?

[A] Faridabad
[B] Panchkula
[C] Gurgaon
[D] Karnal

3. Which city to host Digital Haryana Summit (SHS)?

[A] Rohtak
[B] Gurugram
[C] Panipat
[D] Sonipat

4. Which among the following sites in Haryana, is the place as per legends where Lord Krishna delivered the sermon of Bhagavad Gita?

[A] Jyotisar
[B] Pehowa
[C] Shahabad
[D] Ladwa

5. Haryana was established as a separate state by which of the following acts?

[A] The Acquired Territories Merger act 1960
[B] Himachal Pradesh & Bilaspur (new State) act 1954
[C] States Reorganization Act of 1956
[D] Punjab Reorganization Act 1966

6. Which of the following rulers built the Gujri Mahal in Hissar , Haryana?

[A] Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
[B] Feroz Shah Tughlaq
[C] Ala ud din Khilji
[D] Qutub ud din Mubarak Shah

7. Which committee will be constituted by the Haryana government to find solution to polluted water flowing in Yamuna river?

[A] Ram Bilas Sharma committee
[B] Om Parkash Dhankhar committee
[C] Krishan Lal Panwar committee
[D] Narbir Singh committee

8. Which Indian shooter has made brand ambassador for Haryana’s Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccination campaign?

[A] Apurvi Chandela
[B] Ronjan Sodhi
[C] Vijay Kumar
[D] Gauri Sheoran

9. Ramchandra Bainda, who passed away recently, was the former BJP MP from which Lok Sabha constituency of Haryana?

[A] Sonipat
[B] Hisar
[C] Faridabad
[D] Rohtak

10. Which village panchayat of Haryana has passed a resolution “No Toilet, No Bride”?

[A] Bishangarh
[B] Nimriwali
[C] Godikan
[D] Ishapur Kheri

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