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Geography of Haryana PDF Download: Haryana is one of the Northern States of India. It got separated from Punjab in 1966. It has the great privilege of having common boundary with Delhi, the capital of India. Since its inception, the state has made a great development in all the sectors. Haryana has four main geographical features: The Yamuna-Ghaggar plain forming the largest part of the state.

Shivalik Hills to the northeast in foothills of Himalayas, Semi-desert dry sandy plain to the south-west and Aravali Hills in the south.

The geographical structure of Haryana has been changing overtime. The present form of the state has come into existence as a result of the interaction of the endogenic and exogenic forces and horizontal structure of the plate.

The state of Haryana lies in the vast plains between the Ganga river system in the East and Indus river system in the West. Yamuna, a tributary of Ganga is the only major river flowing through the state. There are other small non–perennial rivers and lakes in the state.

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Geography of Haryana

1. Formation of Haryana as a Separate State

  • Demand for Punjab Province 
  • State Reorganisation Commission
  • Regional Formula
  • Shah Commission

2. Geographical Structure of Haryana

  • Location and Extent of Haryana
  • Geological Structure of Haryana
  • Divisions of Haryana on the Basis of Geographical Area
  • Physiography of Haryana
  • Geographical Divisions of Haryana

3. Climate of Haryana

  • Classification of Climate in Haryana
  • Temperature in Haryana
  • Major Seasons of Haryana

4. Soil Resources in Haryana

  • Regional Distribution of Soil in Haryana
  • Soil Erosion in Haryana
  • Soil Salinity and Alkalinity in Haryana

5. Drainage System of Haryana

  • Classification of Drainage System
  • Major Lakes of Haryana
  • Drains of Haryana

6. Forests Resources in Haryana

  • Forest Cover in Haryana 
  • Classification of Forests in Haryana
  • Schemes Related to Forest Development in Haryana

7. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Haryana

  • National Parks in Haryana
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries in Haryana
  • Conservation Reserves in Haryana
  • Animal Rehabilitation, Research and Conservation Centres of Haryana  
  • Zoos of Haryana

8. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

  • Haryana Agriculture Land Use
  • Crop Seasons in Haryana
  • Horticulture in Haryana
  • Floriculture in Haryana
  • Institutions for Agricultural Development 
  • Important Scheme for Agriculture Development
  • Animal Husbandry in Haryana
  • Developments of Animal Husbandry
  • Livestock and Dairy Development Institute
  • Poultry Farming in Haryana
  • Fisheries in Haryana 

9. Irrigation in Haryana

  • Canal Irrigation System in Haryana
  • Multipurpose River Valley Projects of Haryana
  • Major Dams of Haryana
  • Region-Wise Irrigation System in Haryana
  • Government Initiative for Development of Irrigation
  • Departments for Irrigation Facilities

10. Minerals and Energy Resources of Haryana 

  • Mineral Resources in Haryana 
  • Energy Resources in Haryana 
  • Renewable Energy Department

11. Demographic Profile of Haryana

  • Decadal Growth Rate of Haryana
  • Population Density of Haryana
  • Literacy Rate in Haryana
  • Child Population (0-6 years) and Sex-Ratio
  • Rural and Urban Population in Haryana
  • Haryana Religion Based Census
  • Occupational Structure in Haryana
  • Population of Scheduled Castes in Haryana

Geography of Haryana -PDF Download

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