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Economy of Haryana PDF Download: GSDP of Haryana state is estimated to be US$140 billion in 2023-2034. which had grown at 12.96% CAGR between 2012–17, boosted by the fact that this state on DMIC in NCR contributes 7% of India’s agricultural exports and 60% of India’s Basmati rice export, with 7 operational SEZs and additional 23 formally approved SEZs (20 already notified and 3 in-principle approval, mostly along Delhi Western Peripheral Expressway as well as Amritsar Delhi Kolkata Industrial Corridor and DMIC corridor).

Haryana also produces India’s 67% of passenger cars, 60% of motorcycles, 50% of tractors and 50% of the refrigerators, which places Haryana on 14th place on the list of Indian states and union territories by GDP behind only much bigger states that are significantly larger in both area and population.

Haryana is one of the Northern States of India. It got separated from Punjab in 1966. It has the great privilege of having common boundary with Delhi, the capital of India.

General Knowledge of Haryana is essential for the competitive examinations of the State. For the same purpose this book (Know Your State Haryana) is designed to serve as a reference book for the students who appear in Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) and other state level competitive examinations. You can also check Haryana General Knowledge Question Bank for HPSC and other exams.

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Economy of Haryana

1. Haryana Budget 2023-2024

2. Demographic Profile of Haryana

  • Decadal Growth Rate of Haryana
  • Population Density of Haryana
  • Literacy Rate in Haryana
  • Child Population (0-6 years) and Sex-Ratio in Haryana
  • Rural and Urban Population in Haryana
  • Haryana Religion Based Census
  • Occupational Structure in Haryana
  • Population of Scheduled Castes in Haryana

3. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

  • Haryana Agriculture Land Use
  • Crop Seasons in Haryana
  • Horticulture in Haryana
  • Floriculture in Haryana
  • Institutions for Agricultural Development 
  • Important Scheme for Agriculture Development of Haryana
  • Animal Husbandry in Haryana
  • State Government Initiatives for Developments of Animal Husbandry
  • Livestock and Dairy Development Institute
  • Poultry Farming in Haryana
  • Fisheries in Haryana 

4. Irrigation in Haryana

  • Canal Irrigation System in Haryana
  • Multipurpose River Valley Projects of Haryana
  • Major Dams of Haryana
  • Region-Wise Irrigation System in Haryana
  • Government Initiative for Development of Irrigation
  • Haryana Government Departments for Irrigation Facilities

5. Minerals and Energy Resources of Haryana 

  • Mineral Resources in Haryana 
  • Energy Resources in Haryana 
  • Renewable Energy Department
  • Schemes Run by State Government 

6. Industries in Haryana

  • History of Industrial Development in Haryana 
  • Key Industries in Haryana
  • Key Industrial Centres in Haryana
  • Major Sugar Mills in Haryana 
  • Major Industrial Development Agencies in Haryana 
  • Industrial Parks in Haryana 
  • Industrial Awards in Haryana 

 7. Transport and Communication in Haryana 

  • Transport System in Haryana 
  • Road Transport in Haryana
  • State Government Initiatives for Road Transport
  • New Transport Policy of Haryana Government, 2017
  • Railway Transport in Haryana
  • Air Transport in Haryana
  • Communication in Haryana

8. Minerals and Energy Resources of Haryana 

  • Mineral Resources in Haryana 
  • Energy Resources in Haryana 
  • Renewable Energy Department

Economy of Haryana -PDF Download

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