Current Affairs Quiz – April, 2023

Current Affairs Quiz – April, 2023 | Current Affairs Monthly MCQs PDF Download | Current Affairs Monthly MCQs useful for UPSC, IAS, State PSC, SSC, SSC-CGL and State SSC exams, IBPS, Banking, Railways, CLAT, State PCS and all other competitive exams. Most important current affairs mcqs for online exams practice purpose.

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Current Affairs MCQs can help people stay up-to-date with the latest news and events at state, national and around the world. It can help update their general knowledge and give them insight into what’s happening worldwide on a daily basis.

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Current Affairs Quiz – April, 2023

1. ‘Proba-3 Mission’, which will be launched aboard ISRO’s PSLV, is associated with which space agency?





Answer: B [ESA]


The European Space Agency’s Proba-3 Mission will be launched aboard the ISRO’s PSLV in 2024. Its two satellites will study the Sun’s faint corona and surrounding atmosphere.

The 340-kilogram spacecraft will be deployed by PSLV in a high Earth orbit with an orbital period of 19.7 hours.

2. What is the estimated amount that the government will borrow for the first half of financial year 2023-24?

[A] Rs 5.55 lakh crore

[B] Rs 8.88 lakh crore

[C] Rs 11.11 lakh crore

[D] Rs 13.33 lakh crore

Answer: B [Rs 8.88 lakh crore]


The Centre plans to raise ₹ 8.88 lakh crore through market borrowing in the April-September period of 2023-24 to fund the revenue gap to push economic growth.

The Finance Ministry announced this after consultation with the Reserve Bank of India.

3. World Health Organisation (WHO) certified which countries as Malaria-free recently?

[A] India and Sri Lanka

[B] Azerbaijan and Tajikistan

[C] Pakistan and Afghanistan

[D] Nepal and Bangladesh

Answer: B [Azerbaijan and Tajikistan]


Recently, the World Health Organisation certified Azerbaijan and Tajikistan as Malaria-Free Countries.

They succeeded in eliminating the Anopheles mosquito-borne disease in their territories. In Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, the last cases of regional spread of Plasmodium vivax malaria were discovered in 2012 and 2014.

4. ‘Utkala Dibasa’ is observed on April 1 to commemorate the formation of which state?

[A] Odisha

[B] West Bengal

[C] Karnataka

[D] Kerala

Answer: A [Odisha]


Utkala Dibasa (Odisha Day) is observed on April 1. It commemorates the formation of the Indian State of Odisha after its separation from Bihar and the Orissa Province.

The addition of the Koraput District and Ganjam District from the Madras Presidency on 1 April 1936

5. The ‘Foreign Trade Policy 2023’ aims to boost India’s merchandise and services exports by 2030 by?

[A] USD 1 trillion

[B] USD 2 trillion

[C] USD 5 trillion

[D] USD 10 trillion

Answer: B [USD 2 trillion]


The Indian government unveiled its Foreign Trade Policy 2023 which seeks to boost merchandise and services exports by USD 2 trillion by 2030 from the current level of USD 765 billion.

The Policy also seeks to make the Indian Rupee the global currency in settling international trade payments.

6. ISRO conducted the ‘Reusable Launch Vehicle Autonomous Landing Mission’ along with which institutions?

[A] DRDO and IAF

[B] DRDO and BEL

[C] DRDO and HAL


Answer: A [DRDO and IAF]


Reusable Launch Vehicle Autonomous Landing Mission (RLV LEX) was conducted recently by ISRO in collaboration with the DRDO and IAF.

It involved Indian Air Force Chinook helicopter lifting off a winged body to an altitude of 4.5 km and freeing it to execute an independent landing on a runway.

7. When is the ‘International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action’ observed?

[A] April 2

[B] April 4

[C] April 7

[D] April 8

Answer: B [April 4]


International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action is observed annually on April 4. It raises awareness about landmines and promote steps towards removing them.

The theme for this year is ‘Mine Action Cannot Wait’. On this day, UN Departments, specialised agencies, funds, and programs come together to play a significant role in to work on mine action program.

8. Which country has recently agreed to join the ‘Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership’?

[A] Israel

[B] United Kingdom


[D] Brazil

Answer: B [United Kingdom]


Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is a Free Trade Agreement.

It was agreed between 11 countries in Pacific Rim. United Kingdom has recently agreed to join this pact.

9. What is the total merchandise value of Government e Marketplace (GeM) as of 2022-23?

[A] Rs 1 lakh crore

[B] Rs 2 lakh crore

[C] Rs 5 lakh crore

[D] Rs 10 lakh crore

Answer: B [Rs 2 lakh crore]


In the financial year 2022-2023, procurement of goods and services from government portal Government e Marketplace (GeM) has crossed the Rs 2 lakh crore mark.

After the GeM portal was launched in 2017, business worth about Rs 400 crore was done and the business tripled last year to Rs 1 lakh crores, while it reached the 2 lakh crore-mark in 5 years.

10. Which state/UT repealed the ‘Loktantra Prahari Samman Act’?

[A] Himachal Pradesh

[B] Assam

[C] Gujarat

[D] Rajasthan

Answer: A [Himachal Pradesh]


The Himachal Pradesh recently repealed the Loktantra Prahari Samman Act.

The Act provides a monthly pension of Rs 20,000 and Rs 12,000 to the people who lodged in jails during the Emergency from 1975 to 1977. The repeal of the Act shall not affect the previous operations of the said Act.

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