(MCQ) Medieval History of Rajasthan

(MCQ) Medieval History of Rajasthan: The medieval History of Rajasthan starts from 1200AD as per many historians. We going to see in the medieval age many Rajput kingdoms emerged and built their empires and their internal struggles are happen in many Rajput kingdoms for the throne.

Ancient History of Rajasthan: The history of human settlement in the West Indian state of Rajasthan dates back to about 5,000 years ago. Around 1400 BC, the Matsya tribe occupied the region.

Medieval History of Rajasthan: Rise of Rajput Era- What we know about Rajasthan today, is the impression or the essence of the much-acclaimed Rajput Era that rose to power during the 9thcentury. Among all the clans and rulers that ruled over this part of India, Rajput rulers are still revered as the most influential and considered as the pioneer is shaping up modern-day Rajasthan.

A significant part of medieval Indian history is linked with Rajasthan history because the Delhi sultanate struggled with Rajput kingdoms and Rajput Mughal’s diplomatic relations. Many Rulers from Rajasthan ruled in Delhi before the invaders.

The first challenge to Hindu kingdoms came with the incursions of the Arabs in the 7th century. The Pratiharas, Guhils and Chauhans repulsed these initial attacks for more than two centuries. After the decline of Pratiharas, Chauhans and Tomars took over the resistance. Eventually, Prithviraj Chauhans was defeated in Battle of Tarain in 1192, which ushered the era of Islamic dominance in India.  Around 1200 AD, a part of Rajasthan came under Muslim rulers. The principal centres of their powers were Nagaur and Ajmer. Ranthambore was also under their suzerainty.

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At the beginning of the 13th century AD, the most prominent and powerful state of Rajasthan was Mewar. Medieval history of Rajasthan is synonymous to heroism, royalty and honour. Historic tales of battles fought and romance of the riches adorn the walls of the state.  This page lists the post related to Medieval History of Rajasthan. Medieval History of Rajasthan (1200 A.D. – 1707 A.D.) 

The present day districts of Jhunjhunu and Sikar, along with other areas of Jaipur district bordering south Haryana, formed the part of Vedic state of Brahmavarta. After that contribution in medieval period was more than any other part of India. The land of heroes and fighters showed its power in medieval period. Rajputana, Pratiharas were main rulers here.

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Periods of Rajasthan’s history

Pre-historic Period (Stone Age)

  • Early Stone Age (c. 10, 00,000 – 1, 00,000 BCE)
  • Middle Stone Age (c. 1, 00,000 – 40,000 BCE)
  • Later Stone Age (c. 40,000 – 5000 BCE)

Proto-historic Period

  • Copper Age (c. 5000 – 3500 BCE)
  • Bronze Age (c. 3500 – 1500 BCE)


  • Vedic Period (c. 1500 – 600 BCE)


  • Ancient Kingdoms of Rajasthan lasted from c. 700 BCE to 300 CE
  • In this period Rajasthan was ruled by Kingdoms like Sivi, Salwa, Malava and others.
  • These kingdoms also ruled under Maurya Empire & Kushan Empire (c. 300 BCE – 300 CE)

Classical period

  • Classical period of Rajasthan lasted from c. 300 to 650 CE
  • Many Kingdoms of Rajasthan ruled independently under Gupta Empire & Pushyabhuti dynasty from (c. 300 – 650 CE)

Rajput period

  • Many Rajput and other Kingdoms (not only Rajput many others also) ruled in Rajasthan from (c. 650 – 1200 CE)

Medieval period

  • Struggles with Muslim Kingdoms from (c. 1200 – 1526)

Mughal influences

  • Influences from the Mughal Empire (c. 1526 – 1720)

Maratha influences

  • Influences from the Maratha Empire (c. 1720–1817)

1. Rulers of Mewar

  • Sisodia Dynasty of Mewar
  • Rulers of Dungarpur
  • Rulers of Banswara
  • Sisodia Rulers of Pratapgarh

2. Rulers of Marwar

  • Rulers of Jodhpur
  • Rulers of Bikaner
  • Rulers of Jaisalmer
  • Rulers of Barmer

3. Rulers of Amber

4. Rulers of Hadoti

5. Rulers of Sirohi

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