Maurya Rule in Rajasthan MCQs | Ancient History of Rajasthan

Maurya Rule in Rajasthan MCQs | Ancient History of Rajasthan: The Mauryan Empire had 3 main kings – Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, and Ashoka. The remaining 6 Mauryan emperors after the reign of Ashoka were very weak.

Maan Mori, of the Maurya dynasty ruled the kingdom till 734 AD when he was killed by Bappa Rawal of the Guhilot clan. Born as Kalbhoj, Bappa Rawal was the founder of a dynasty, which later comes to rule Mewar.

Part of modern day Rajasthan was under occupation of Maurya Rule. The ruins of the Bijak-ki-pahadi, a Buddhist Chaitya from the 3rd century BCE located in Bairat, are the oldest free-standing Buddhist structures in India.

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1) During which time period did the Maurya Rule was existed in Rajasthan?

(A) 184-734 AD

(B) 321-184 BCE

(C) 3rd century BCE

(D) 734 AD

2) What is the significance of the ruins of Bijak-ki-pahadi in Bairat?

(A) Ancient trading post

(B) Oldest Buddhist structures

(C) Former Mauryan palace

(D) Highest peak in Rajasthan

3) Who killed Maan Mori, the ruler of the Maurya dynasty?

(A) Guhilot clan

(B) Kalbhoj

(C) Bappa Rawal

(D) He died of natural causes

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4) Which dynasty was founded by Bappa Rawal?

(A) Guhilot

(B) Maurya

(C) Kalbhoj

(D) Mewar

5) What is the modern-day region where Maurya Rule was present at that time in Rajasthan?

(A) Marwar

(B) Mewar

(C) Bairat

(D) Bharatpur

6) Which kingdom killed Maan Mori and ended the Maurya Rule in Rajasthan?

(A) Jaat

(B) Chauhan

(C) Sisodiya

(D) Guhilot

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7) What was the birth name of Bappa Rawal?

(A) Mirbhoj

(B) Guhilot

(C) Ramkhoj

(D) Kalbhoj

8) What year did Bappa Rawal kill Maan Mori?

(A) 634 AD

(B) 734 AD

(C) 584 BCE

(D) 321 BCE

9) What is the approximate age of the Buddhist Chaitya in Bairat?

(A) More than 2200 years

(B) Exactly 3000 years

(C) Less than 500 years

(D) Between 1000-2000 years

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10) What type of structure is Bijak-ki-pahadi?

(A) Ancient mosque

(B) Hindu temple

(C) Buddhist Chaitya

(D) Mauryan palace

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