Chauhans of Ranthambore MCQs | Ancient History of Rajasthan

Chauhans of Ranthambore MCQs | Ancient History of Rajasthan: The Chauhan lost Ranthambore as a result of defeat of Prithviraja III in battle of Tarain 1192 by Mohd Ghori. But, Prithviraja’s son Govindaraja IV accepted the Ghurid suzerainty, and ruled Ranthambore as his vassal.

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Ancient History of Rajasthan: The history of human settlement in the West Indian state of Rajasthan dates back to about 5,000 years ago. Around 1400 BC, the Matsya tribe occupied the region.

Hammir Dev: In 1299, he defeated Allauddin Khilji’s army led by Ulugh Khan & Nusrat Khan. In 1301, Allauddin Khilji again invaded his kingdom, which resulted in his defeat and death

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In 1568, it was captured by the Mughal Emperor – Akbar. It stayed under the control of the Mughal rulers till the end of the 18th century. After that, it was returned to the King of Jaipur till India gained independence in 1947.

The Chahamanas of Ranastambhapura were a 13th-century Indian dynasty. They ruled the area around their capital Ranastambhapura (Ranthambore) in present-day Rajasthan, initially as vassals of the Delhi Sultanate, and later gained independence. They belonged to the Chahamana (Chauhan) clan of the Rajputs, and are also known as Chauhans of Ranthambore in vernacular Rajasthani bardic literature.

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The Chahamana line of Ranastambhapura was established by Govindaraja, who agreed to rule as a vassal of the Ghurids in 1192, after they defeated his father, the Shakambhari Chahamana king Prithviraja III. Govindaraja’s descendants gained and lost their independence to the Delhi Sultanate multiple times during the 13th century. Hammira, the last king of the dynasty, adopted an expansionist policy, and raided several neighbouring kingdoms. The dynasty ended with his defeat against the Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji at the Siege of Ranthambore in 1301.

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Here, we have provided very important Multiple Choice Questions of Ancient History of Rajasthan for RPSC RAS Prelims & Other Exams Preparation.

1) Who defeated the Chauhans in the Battle of Tarain in 1192?

(A) Ulugh Khan

(B) Govinda-raja

(C) Nusrat Khan

(D) Mohd. Ghori

2) Who ruled Ranthambore as a vassal after the defeat of Prithviraja III?

(A) Allauddin Khilji

(B) Sapaldaksha

(C) Hammira-deva

(D) Govindaraja IV

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3) In which year did Hammira Deva defeat Allauddin Khilji’s army in Ranthambore?

(A) 1192

(B) 1299

(C) 1734

(D) 1568

4) Who constructed the Ranthambore Fort?

(A) Mohd. Ghori

(B) Sapaldaksha

(C) Akbar the Great

(D) Hammir Dev

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5) Where is the Ranthambore Fort located?

(A) Sawai Madhopur

(B) Jaipur

(C) Ranthambore National Park

(D) Rajasthan

6) Which ruler captured the Ranthambore Fort in 1226?

(A) Prithviraja III

(B) Muhammad of Ghor

(C) Akbar the Great

(D) Iltutmish

7) Which emperor captured the Ranthambore Fort in 1568?

(A) Allauddin Khilji

(B) Sultan Ala-ud-din Khalji

(C) Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh

(D) Akbar

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8) When was Ranthambore National Park declared as a Project Tiger reserve?

(A) 1110

(B) 1980

(C) 1301

(D) 1973

9) When did Ranthambore National Park become a national park?

(A) 1226

(B) 1568

(C) 1980

(D) 1734

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10) Who was the king of Jaipur built the Nahargarh Fort?

(A) Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh

(B) Iltutmish

(C) Sapaldaksha

(D) Prithviraja III

11) When was Nahargarh Fort constructed?

(A) 1980

(B) 1568

(C) 1192

(D) 1734

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12) What is the Ranthambore fort famous for?

(A) Architectural beauty

(B) Historical significance

(C) Strategic construction

(D) Impregnable defense

13) Who was the founder of Ranthambore National Park?

(A) Maharajas

(B) Mughal Emperors

(C) Ghurid

(D) Hada rulers

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14) When was the hunting ground for the Maharajas declared as a Project Tiger reserve?

(A) 1980

(B) 1226

(C) 1110

(D) 1973

15) What is the significance of Nahargarh Fort?

(A) Part of Ranthambore National Park

(B) Overlooks the city of Jaipur

(C) Constructed in 1568

(D) Known for impregnable defense

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