Important Days and Events MCQs

Important Days and Events MCQs 2024-25 is published daily with Multiple Choice (MCQs) / Objective Current Affairs Questions and Answers for UPSC, IAS, PSC, SSC, SSC-CGL and State SSC exams, IBPS, Banking, Railways, CLAT, State PCS and all other competitive exams. Most important current affairs mcqs for online exams practice purpose.

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Important Days and Events MCQs

1. Kangaroo care, which was seen in the news, is associated with which field?

(a) Defence

(b) Childcare

(c) Politics

(d) Animal Welfare

Answer: b

Kangaroo care also known as skin-to-skin contact, involves holding a premature or low birth weight baby against the parent’s bare chest. This practice provides numerous benefits such as physical development, breastfeeding facilitation, and emotional attachment.

World Prematurity Day is observed on 17 November each year to raise awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.

2. When is ‘International Day for the Abolition of Slavery’ observed?

(a) December 1

(b) December 2

(c) December 5

(d) December 6

Answer: b

3. International Day of Neutrality is observed annually on which date?

(a) December 10

(b) December 12

(c) November 21

(d) January 22

Answer: b

The International Day of Neutrality, observed annually on December 12, is a day designated by the United Nations to promote neutrality among nations worldwide. The concept of neutrality in international relations refers to the abstention of a state from all participation in a war between other states, the maintenance of an attitude of impartiality toward the belligerents, and the recognition by the belligerents of this abstention and impartiality.

The day was officially proclaimed in 2017 by a United Nations General Assembly resolution.

4. The 52nd Vijay Diwas, which was recently celebrated on 16 December 2023, commemorates the victory of the Indian Armed Forces in which war?

(a) India China War of 1962

(b) India Pakistan War of 1965

(c) India Pakistan War of 1971

(d) Kargil War, 1999

Answer: c

The 52nd Vijay Diwas, observed on December 16, 2023, marks the triumph of the Indian Armed Forces over Pakistan in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Initiated with India’s pre-emptive strike on December 3, 1971, the war concluded on December 16, resulting in the surrender of the Pakistan Army in East Pakistan and the subsequent establishment of the independent nation of Bangladesh.

5. International Migrants Day and Minority Rights Day are celebrated on which date every year?

(a) December 17

(b) December 18

(c) December 19

(d) December 20

Answer: b

International Migrants Day is celebrated annually on December 18th. The day recognizes the contributions and challenges faced by migrants worldwide. The theme for International Migrants Day 2023 is “Promoting Safe Migration”. The United Nations chooses a theme each year to recognize the contributions of migrants and break down prejudices. The theme for 2022 was also “Promoting Safe Migration”.

Designated as National Minorities Rights Day, December 18 carries significant importance in India. It serves as a poignant reminder of the dedication to safeguarding the rights of religious, ethnic, racial, and linguistic minorities within the nation.

6. Veer Bal Diwas is observed on 26th December every year to commemorate the martyrdom of the four sons of which Sikh Guru?

(a) Guru Teg Bahadur

(b) Guru Ram Das

(c) Guru Gobind Singh

(d) Guru Arjan

Answer: c

Veer Bal Diwas is observed on 26th December every year to commemorate the martyrdom of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh the tenth and last Sikh guru. The four sons were named Zorawar Singh, Fateh Singh, Jai Singh and Kulwant Singh who fought against the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and his army.

7. Every year, on which date, “International Day of Epidemic Preparedness” is observed?

(a) December 28

(b) December 27

(c) December 26

(d) December 29

Answer: b

8. What is the astronomical term for the point when the Earth is closest to the Sun?

(a) Solstice

(b) Equinox

(c) Perihelion

(d) Aphelion

Answer: c

Perihelion refers to the point in Earth’s elliptical orbit when it is closest to the Sun. In 2024, this event known as Perihelion Day will occur on January 3 when Earth comes within 91.4 million miles of the Sun. It occurs around two weeks after the December solstice each year. The opposite point when Earth is farthest from the Sun is called Aphelion which will occur on July 6, 2024.

9. What is the theme for observing Earth Rotation Day in 2024?

(a) Celebrating Earth’s Natural Beauty

(b) Recognizing Human Achievements in Space Exploration

(c) Honoring the Discovery of Our Planet’s Movement

(d) Promoting Environmental Conservation

Answer: c

10. on which date, the ‘Indian Army Day’ is observed in India?

(a) 10 January

(b) 11 January

(c) 14 January

(d) 15 January

Answer: d

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