[Test 1] MPPSC Assistant Professor Test series 2023 For GK Paper 1

Madhya Pradesh | MPPSC Assistant Professor Test series 2023 For GK Paper 1 & Subject Paper 2. MPPSC Assistant Professor Test Series 2022-2023 MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Assistant Professor Online Practices Test series 2023 – The MPPSC Assistant Professor Recruitment Online Form will start on 15th February 2023 and will end on 31st October 2023.

MPPSC Assistant Professor Exam Date 2023 & Schedule

MPPSC Assistant Professor SubjectsMPPSC Assistant Professor Exam Date
Botany, commerce, Economics, English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit, Granthpal, Sports28 January 2024
Chemistry, Geography, History, Home Science, Vidhi, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Zoology26 May 2024
Bio Chemical, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Dance, environment, Marathi, Defence Studies, Music, Music Vocal, Music Instrumental, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, Sanskrit, Sanskrit Grammar, Sanskrit Literature, Statistics, Urdu, Veda17 November 2024

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MPPSC Assistant Professor 2023 GK Paper Test 1

1. Which of the following is an important Paleolithic site of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Narmada Valley

(b) Hathnora

(c) Jogdaha

(d) All of the above

2. Who launched Individual Satyagraha at Jabalpur?

(a) Mahatma Gandhi

(b) Vinoba Bhave

(c) Sarojini Naidu

(d) None of the above

3. Which area of Madhya Pradesh was ruled by Rani Durgavati?

(a) Gondwana

(b) Bundelkhand

(c) Maheshwar

(d) Gwalior

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4. Vajradaman was a notable ruler of which dynasty?

(a) Tomara

(b) Gond

(c) Kachhapaghats

(d) All of these

6. Pt. Dwarika Prasad Mishra and Vishnu Dayal Bhargava are prominent leaders of which Satyagraha in Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Jhanda

(b) Salt

(c) Individual

(d) Jungle

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9. In 1937-38, Bhopal Praja Mandal was founded by?

(a) Master Lal Singh and Laxminarayan Singhal

(b) Dr. Jamuna Prasad Mukhariya

(c) Udahavdas Mehta and Chaturnarayan Malviya

(d) All of the above

11. Match the following:

Events                                            Year

A. Jhanda Satyagraha                 1 2000

B. Jungle Satyagraha                   2. 1956

C. Creation of Madhya Pradesh     3. 1930

D. Creation of Chhattisgarh        4. 1923



(a) 2 1 3 4

(b) 4 3 2 1

(c) 3 4 2 1

(d) 1 2 3 4

12. Name the Khalji ruler who expanded his empire by capturing Ujjain, Kalinjar, Bhilsa, Chanderi, Dhar and Mandu.

(a) Jalal-ud-din Khalji

(b) Alauddin Khalji

(c) Balban

(d) None of the above

17. Who created the capital of Maheshwar (Khargone) apart from the main capital of Rajvada (Indore)?

(a) Yashwant Rao Holkar

(b) Devi Ahilya Bai

(c) Daulat Rao Scindia

(d) Peshwa Baji Rao I

19. Yashwant Rao Holkar III, the last ruler of the state of Madhya Pradesh signed the instrument of assession to India Union in which year?

(a) 1950

(b) 1947

(c) 1945

(d) 1946

20. Name the greatest warrior of Scindia dynasty who took part in the Third Battle of Panipat.

(a) Mahadji Scindia

(b) Daulat Rao Scindia

(c) Jankoji Rao

(d) None of the above

24. Bhopal was merged into Madhya Pradesh in which year?

(a) 1956

(b) 1958

(c) 1952

(d) 1954

26. Thakur Sarju Prasad was

i. The ruler of Vijayraghavgarh, Katni

ii. Taking active part in Revolt of 1857

iii. Captured by the British and sentenced to life imprisonment

(a) Only (i)

(b) Both (i) and (ii)

(c) Both (ii) and (iii)

(d) All of the above

27. Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located at which place?

(a) Indore

(b) Bhopal

(c) Raisen

(d) Mandla

31. Which among the following is/are the major centres of chalcolithic centre?

(a) Khedinama

(b) Nagda

(c) Azad Nagar

(d) All of these

33. Ujjayani was the capital of which Mahajanapada?

(a) Avanti

(b) Matsya

(c) Ashmak

(d) Vajji

34. As per the Buddhist text Anguttara Nikaya, which of the following Mahajanpadas belong to Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Avanti

(b) Chedi

(c) Vatsa

(d) All of the above

35. Which Mauryan ruler did establish firm control over Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Chandragupta Maurya

(b) Bindusara

(c) Asoka

(d) All of the above

38. Pushyamitra Shunga destroyed the Sanchi Stupa during which dynasty?

(a) Shunga Dynasty

(b) Kanva Dynasty

(c) Satavahana Dynasty

(d) Mughal Dynasty

39. Which Satavahana king defeated the Shaka rulers and conquered part of Malwa?

(a) Gautamiputra Satakarni

(b) Rudradaman-I

(c) Pratapdaman

(d) None of the above

40. Coins of Kanishka and Huvishka were discovered from which of the following places?

(a) Shahdol and Harda

(b) Tewar (Jabalpur)

(c) Bhedaghat (Jabalpur)

(d) None of the above

41. Name the Gupta king who made a vast empire according to Prayag-Prasasti?

(a) Chandragupta II

(b) Samudragupta

(c) Ramagupta

(d) Chandragupta I

42. Ujjain was the capital of Avanti, which was ruled by?

(a) Rana Pratap

(b) Asoka

(c) Rani Durgabati

(d) Vikramaditya II

44. Which was the capital of Parmar dynasty?

(a) Dhar

(b) Indore

(c) Rajgarh

(d) Mandu

47. The temples of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh were built by the rulers of which of the following dynasties?

(a) Baghela

(b) Paramar

(c) Chandela

(d) Bundela

48. Which of the following kings was not related with Chandela dynasty?

(a) Vidyadhar

(b) Dhang Dev

(c) Nannuka

(d) Devpal

50. Which Paramar ruler constructed Bhoj Tal in Bhopal?

(a) Mihir Bhoja

(b) Raja Bhoja I

(c) Bhoja III

(d) None of these

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