Which one of the following is not included in ‘Panch Kedar’?

Q. Which one of the following is not included in ‘Panch Kedar’?

(a) Tunganath

(b) Rudranath

(c) Kalpeshwar

(d) Jageshwar

Answer: d

Kedarnath, Tunganath, Rudranath, Madhyamaheshwar, and Kalpeshwar are Panch Kedar; rendered Pancha Kedar in Sanskrit, refer to five Hindu temples or holy places of the Shaivite sect dedicated to god Shiva. They are located in the Garhwal Himalayan region in Uttarakhand, India.

They are the subject of many legends that directly link their creation to Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

The five temples designated in the strict pecking order to be followed for pilgrimage for worship are the Kedarnath Temple at an altitude of 3,583 m, The Tunganath Temple 3,680 m, The Rudranath Temple 3,559 m, the Madhyamaheshwar Temple or Madmaheshwar 3,490 m and the Kalpeshwar Temple 2,200 m. The Kedarnath is the main temple, which is part of four Chota Char Dhams or pilgrimage centers of the Garhwal Himalayas; the other three Dhams are the Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. Kedarnath is also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

The Garhwal region is also called the Kedar-Khanda after Kedar — the local name for Shiva. The region abounds in emblems and aniconic forms of Shaiva sect of Shiva, much more than the Vaishnava sect. The western part of this region in particular, which constitutes half of Chamoli district being known as Kedar-Kshetra or Kedar mandala, encompasses in its ambit all the five temples constituting the Panch Kedar.

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