Which of the following do not grow in polluted area?

Q. Which of the following do not grow in polluted area?

(1) Algae

(2) Pseudomonas

(3) Gymnosperms

(4) Lichen

(5) Question not attempted

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Answer: 4

Lichens do not grow in areas polluted by sulphur and hence are good indicators of pollution (SO2 pollution).

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Lichens are sensitive to atmospheric pollution such as nitrogen (N) because they receive all their nutrients and water from wet and dry atmospheric deposition (fall out). Nitrogen deposition can increase the load of nutrients.

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Lichens are commonly used as natural pollution indicators, also called bio indicators. If the air is pollutant-free, shrubby, chemical-free, and leafy, the lichens will grow abundantly. So we can say that they do not grow in polluted areas.

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