Madhya Pradesh Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 2-3, 2023

Madhya Pradesh Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 2-3, 2023: Current affairs are a very important part of the Madhya Pradesh State PSC (MPPSC) Civil services and other exams. Current affairs have an important role during MPPSC preparation. Each year almost 30 questions are associated with it in prelims examination. Every aspirant prepares this section from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, government reports & websites, economic survey, etc. During preparation, the aspirants should not only keep updating themselves in current affairs but also track their performance by attempting daily Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs MCQ quiz, which is relevant to the MPPSC prelims, Assistant Professor and other exams.

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Madhya Pradesh Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 2023

In this regard, MYUPSC provides an opportunity to test your current affairs knowledge through our Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Here, you will find how to approach current affairs MCQs (quiz questions) in a real exam-like scenario. Getting into a habit of taking/reading a daily current affairs MCQs quiz will help a lot in the competitive exams preparation.

Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs questions are very important from the point of view of MPPSC, Madhya Pradesh Administrative Services, MPPSC Assistant Professor, MPSI, Madhya Pradesh Police, and other examinations.

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Madhya Pradesh Daily / Weekly / Monthly Current Affairs MCQ Quiz cover a wide range of topics, from History, Polity, Geography, Economy, Art Culture, Sports, Science & Technology with current events, you can learn about different topics and expand your knowledge base.

Madhya Pradesh Daily Current Affairs MCQ: November 2-3, 2023

1) Which of the following chairpersons has been accorded the status of a Cabinet Minister?

(A) Ghanshyam Pironia

(B) Krishna Mohan Soni

(C) Rafat Warsi

(D) Sunil Pandey

Answer: B

2) Who will bear the cost of the PM Shri Schools project in Madhya Pradesh?

(A) State Government

(B) Local Municipalities

(C) Central Government

(D) Center and State

Answer: D

3) In how many districts will 104 PM Shri Schools be established?

(A) 39

(B) 61

(C) 52

(D) 26

Answer: C

4) What will be the ratio of expenditure sharing between the Center and the State for PM Shri Schools?

(A) 70:30

(B) 80:20

(C) 50:50

(D) 60:40

Answer: D

5) Who chaired the meeting of the Council of Ministers to ratify the establishment of PM Shri Schools?

(A) Shivraj Singh Chouhan

(B) Krishna Mohan Soni

(C) Rakesh Golu Shukla

(D) Rafat Warsi

Answer: A

6) For how many years is the PM Shri Schools project in Madhya Pradesh?

(A) 10

(B) 5

(C) 7

(D) 3

Answer: B

7) What is the expenditure burden on the state government after 5 years of the PM Shri Schools scheme?

(A) Rs 833 crore 20 lakhs

(B) Rs 554 crore 80 lakhs

(C) Rs 277 crore 40 lakhs

(D) Rs 110 crore 96 lakhs

Answer: A

8) Who will operate the PM Shri Schools after the completion of the scheme?

(A) Private Organizations

(B) State Government

(C) Center

(D) Local Municipalities

Answer: B

9) What provisions of the National Education Policy 2020 will the PM Shri Schools comply with?

(A) Provision of infrastructure facilities

(B) Community engagement

(C) Only quality of education

(D) Quality of education, equality, and access to education facilities

Answer: D

10) What purpose will the PM Shri Schools serve for other schools?

(A) Receive students’ feedback

(B) Be presented as examples

(C) Provide teacher training

(D) Provide financial support

Answer: B

11) What is the capital of Madhya Pradesh?

A) Indore

B) Jabalpur

C) Ujjain

D) Bhopal

Answer: D

12) Which city is the largest in Madhya Pradesh?

A) Ujjain

B) Indore

C) Jabalpur

D) Bhopal

Answer: B

13) Which state borders Madhya Pradesh to the east?

A) Uttar Pradesh

B) Chhattisgarh

C) Maharashtra

D) Gujarat

Answer: B

14) Which state borders Madhya Pradesh to the west?

A) Rajasthan

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Chhattisgarh

D) Gujarat

Answer: D

15) During which century did the Maratha Empire dominate the region that is now Madhya Pradesh?

A) 19th century

B) 17th century

C) 6th century

D) 18th century

Answer: D

16) Which dynasty ruled the region in ancient times?

A) Maratha Empire

B) Central Provinces

C) Avanti Mahajanapada

D) Anglo-Maratha

Answer: A

17) Which region was removed from Madhya Pradesh and merged with the Bombay State?

A) Maratha Empire

B) Vidarbha region

C) Avanti Mahajanapada

D) Central Provinces

Answer: B

18) Which state was formed by combining Madhya Pradesh with Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal?

A) Chhattisgarh

B) Maharashtra

C) Gujarat

D) Madhya Pradesh

Answer: D

19) Which state was formed by separating the southeastern Chhattisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh?

A) Gujarat

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Maharashtra

D) Chhattisgarh

Answer: D

20) What is the population of Madhya Pradesh?

A) Over 72 million residents

B) Over 90 million residents

C) Over 50 million residents

D) Over 100 million residents

Answer: A

21. Which country has pulled out of the ‘Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe’?

[A] Israel

[B] Russia

[C] Germany

[D] France

Answer: B

22. Which Indian state/UT launched ‘Abua Bir Dishom Abhiyan’?

[A] Kerala

[B] Jharkhand

[C] Odisha

[D] West Bengal

Answer: B

23. ‘HEL1OS’ Spectrometer, which was seen in the news, is associated with which country?


[B] Russia

[C] Israel

[D] India

Answer: D

24. Which country has the highest weighting on the MSCI Emerging Market Index (EM)?

[A] India

[B] China

[C] Taiwan

[D] Singapore

Answer: B

25. NASA’s Curiosity rover was launched to study which celestial body?

[A] Sun

[B] Mars

[C] Mercury

[D] Jupiter

Answer: B

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