What is Anuvadini tool recently in news?

Q. What is Anuvadini tool recently in news?

(A) English to Urdu translation application

(B) English to Sanskrit translation application

(C) Multilingual translation application

(D) English to Tamil translation application

Answer: C

‘Anuvadini’, an Artificial Intelligence-based multilingual translation application developed indigenously, will facilitate swift conversion of existing English materials into multiple languages through machine learning as the bedrock, followed by expert manual reviews for accuracy.

The Government of India has directed all school and higher education institutions across the country to make available digital study material in Indian languages for every academic course within 3 years.

  • This policy aims to enable students to learn in their native tongues aligned to India’s linguistic diversity.
  • The National Education Policy 2020 has prioritised education in native languages and has also recommended a three-language formula for school education till Class X.
  • The National Curriculum Framework 2023 for school education stated that till Class X a student need to study three languages of which two should be native Indian language and in Classes XI and XII where study of two languages have been recommended, one of which should be native Indian language.

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