Consider the following statements:

Q. Consider the following statements: [APPSC Group-2 Prelims 2024]

a. Humayun brought famous painters Mir Sayyid Ali and Abdus Samad from Iran to Delhi

b. Jahangir’s reign is considered as the Golden period of the Mughal painting’

c. During the reign of Jahangir, European painting was introduced at the Mughal court by the Danish merchants

Which of the statements given above is/are incorrect?

(1) Statements a and b

(2) Statements b and c

(3) Statements a only

(4) Statement c only

Answer: 1

The Iranian painters were brought by Humayun were Mir Sayyid Ali and Abdus Samad. Both the painters were the founders of an independent branch of Persian art popularly known as the Mughal school of miniature painting.

During Jahangir’s reign (1605-1627), Mughal Paintings reached its zenith. He took inspiration from his life events and pushed for paintings on those scenarios rather than illustrations on fiction. His themes were mostly secular.

During the reign of Akbar, European painting was introduced at the Mughal court by the Danish merchants.

Lottery Committee (1817) of the British Rule was related to?

Which among the following pillar inscriptions of Ashoka states that the land revenue rate of Lumbini was reduced to one-eighth?

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